george lamelzaGeorge Lamelza is a respected business and technology leader with a track record of success in the technology, marketing, and media industries. He is best known as the former CEO of Team Media, a web and technology services company that he helped grow from a small business service company called Anet to one of the fastest-growing web services companies in the United States. Under his leadership as CEO from 2000, Team Media continued to experience significant growth, ultimately leading to its acquisition in 2007.

In addition to his work with Team Media, Lamelza has also made significant contributions to the business community through his involvement in various organizations and initiatives. He is a founding member of the Orlando Sports Foundation, Inc and the ESPN Events Cure Bowl, and played an instrumental role in launching the third college bowl game in Orlando, Florida. The game raised nearly $4 million for cancer research. Lamelza continues to serve as an advisory board member on the marketing committee, directing marketing and brand strategy for the foundation and bowl game.

Lamelza, a seasoned professional in the higher education sector, has been instrumental in advancing the growth of community colleges and universities. His unique blend of skills in digital marketing, SEO, and website design and development provides a holistic approach that significantly benefits these institutions. His strategic initiatives have led to impressive improvements in student recruitment and retention, contributing to substantial growth rates. Lamelza’s efforts have been key in driving campus expansions, spearheading successful capital campaigns, and optimizing state funding strategies, thereby elevating the institutions he has worked with to national recognition.

Lamelza joined a leadership role in Dealer Uplink and The Automotive Partners, where he helped in the initial capitalization with Fortune 500 Executives, coordinating corporate strategies with clients generating nearly $1 billion in revenue with specific go-to-market strategies and other offerings. This venture led to the development of an interactive mobile technology that was well-suited for the automotive industry, working with clients such as and Kelley Blue Book, among others.

Lamelza is also a founding member of Incend Limited Liability Company which holds or is partnered with several businesses engaged in industries like advertising, marketing, automotive, venture capital, retail, technology, and consulting services.

Several organizations have recognized Lamelza for his business and technology leadership, including The Business Journal, which listed him as one of Missouri’s top business and technology leaders. He is a member of Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts and has judged the annual Communicator, w3, and Davey Awards. Lamelza has received several awards for his work, including the MCCA Technology Innovation Award for web design in Higher Education and the Medallion award from NCMPR. In 2018, he was honored by the Football Bowl Association as the Volunteer of the year.

With his extensive expertise in marketing and technology, Lamelza provides strategic results to organizations seeking to position themselves with the next generation of marketing-focused technology that creates organizational change leading to double-digit measurable growth. He holds an MBA in Marketing from Northwest and a BBA in Accounting from Evangel University